Sympathy & Funeral

Sympathy, Funeral Flowers & Wreaths

We understand that the passing of a loved one is a difficult time for everyone. Send your condolences with an arrangement that conveys your message of sympathy. We offer a large range of options for funeral and sympathy flowers to suit all budgets. Contact one of our team to discuss your wishes.

Innocence 833 Bouquet of white flowers

Innocence 833

From $70 plus delivery

Kindness 832 Arrangement of flowers in a vase

Kindness 832

From $80 plus delivery

Lasting Tribute 854 Sympathy spray of flowers with orange, yellow and white flowers

Lasting Tribute 854

From $120 plus delivery

Farewell 858 Sympathy spray with pink flowers

Farewell 858

From $120 plus delivery

Comfort 834 Basket of white flowers

Comfort 834

From $140 plus delivery

Honour 855 Sympathy Spray for Service

Honour 855

From $140 plus delivery

Unforgettable 838 Arrangement in a bowl

Unforgettable 838

From $136 plus delivery

With Sorrow 847 Wreath of Native flowers

With Sorrow 847

From $125 plus delivery

Contemplation 845 Wreath with mixed pink and purple flowers

Contemplation 845

From $135 plus delivery

Eternity 842 White flower wreath

Eternity 842

From $140 plus delivery

Tranquility 828 White flowers in a ceramic vase

Tranquility 828

From $141 plus delivery

Faith 846 Wreath with yellow and purple flowers

Faith 846

From $141 plus delivery

Remembrance 841 White flower cross

6Remembrance 841

From $165 plus delivery

Last Goodbye 853 Casket spray with wildflowers

Last Goodbye 853

From $320 plus delivery

Respectful 850 Traditional casket spray with white flowers

Respectful 850

From $390 plus delivery

Casket Spray Deluxe

Casket Spray Deluxe

From $450 plus delivery

Casket Spray with Lilies & Roses

Casket Spray with Lilies & Roses

From $380 plus delivery

Casket Spray Native Flowers

Casket Spray Native Flowers

From $350 plus delivery

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